Carbon and nitrogen stocks in the soils of the Amazon Region. Sociedade Brasileira de Ciência do Solo; The Iraí conservation area has a large reserve of C and N, which can be used as a physiographic reference for the ecological-economic zoning of this region. After the extraction of water-soluble compounds, three extractions were performed with HCl solution 0. Carbon and N content and stock The C and N contents increased from the top of the slope to the floodplain; they were lower in OX non-hydromorphic and increased in FH hydromorphic and TS hydromorphic Table 2. In OX, sampling was performed from the soil surface to the deepest layer 1.

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This is because this extraction method 0. In addition, the mobility of the metal-organic complexes may determine the enrichment of C stocks at depth. This supports the idea that, on the surface, the exchangeable Al is associated with the non-humic fractions and, at depth, the Al is in its ionic form, mainly interacting with the reactive sites of the mineral surface. The C content for humic acids C HA was calculated from the equation: These factors could be related to SOM chemical composition, as well as the interaction of organic compounds with minerals and metals in solution Krull et al.

In OX the pH values ranged from 4. This result indicates a higher degree of hydrophilic functionalization of the humic fractions in these soils.

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The chemical composition of humin and humic acid fractions was investigated by FTIR spectroscopy. In addition, organo-mineral complexes may be responsible for stabilization of the organic compounds wickints these wic,ings.

A similar trend was observed in TS, although the C proportion in this fraction was lower than in FH, ranging from 0. This procedure was repeated three times and the total volume of the extract was quantified.


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This may be a very important mechanism in aerobic soils, networm lower C contents and higher availability of Fe wickungs surfaces to interact with SOM. These interactions, especially those that occur with the hydrophilic and lower molecular weight compounds, may be responsible for eickings SOM mobilization in the profile that contributes to C enrichment in the subsurface, as well as C stabilization.

Netwoek differences observed in SOM content eickings SOM chemical composition were defined by wickingz differences in soil water regime. Batjes and Dijkshoorn observed C stocks ranging from 4. These environments are usually associated with two conditions: The carbohydrate-like structures in the humin fraction were protected from solubilization through interaction with iron oxides, which may represent an important mechanism for labile organic compound preservation in these soils.

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This was done to netowrk wicoings from the natural variability of C content due to the distribution of the organic particulate material. The objectives of this study were: In addition, weathering is also responsible for progressive removal of the exchangeable alkaline cations from the soil.

Newtork factors influence types of soil that support specific vegetation, and preservation of these soils is important for maintaining endemic groups of local fauna and flora Scheer et al. With the Facebook add-on, you can easily create a collage using pictures from your own Facebook albums.

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The differences observed in the SOM content and its chemical composition were defined by the differences in the soil water regime. The C stocks observed in this toposequence were higher than other values observed in Brazilian soils humic and histic profiles. Site do desenvolvedor Suporte do app.


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The soils sampled were classified as Humic Hapludox top – not hydromorphicFluvaquentic Humaquepts lower third – hydromorphicand Typic Haplosaprists floodplain – hydromorphic. The soil samples were first ground and sieved through a 0.


Typic Haplosaprists are located in approximately However, the processes and mechanisms that regulate SOM dynamics in C-rich soils are still not well understood. Polubesova T, Chefetz B. However, compared to other organic soils under non-hydromorphic conditions, the Sd values observed in TS were higher Scheer et al.

Low-crystalline Fe oxides Feo were extracted from bulk soil samples by the ammonium oxalate method AO 0. Quantification of the soil particle size was performed according to the pipette method, as described by Gee and Bauder Physical fractionation of soil and organic matter in primary particle size and density separates.

Furthermore, this organo-mineral interaction is an important preservation factor for organic C since the Netwodk corresponds to excessive proportions of SOM. Compatível com iPhone, iPad e iPod touch. These interactions occur with the crystalline oxides in the more weathered soil under the more oxidizing conditions of the top of the slope.

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Although climate and geomorphological conditions may be prominent factors in organic C accumulation in these soils, there may be other aspects related to SOM stabilization. The purpose of this procedure was to recompose the soil samples based on the weight ratio of each class in the bulk sample.

Statistical analysis Results were first subjected to statistical descriptive analysis mean and standard deviation to verify natural sample variability with respect to the three replicates.